Federal Grants For Women

The U.S. government makes available each year a large number of federal grants, some of which are targeted specifically at women. The aim of these grants is to providing funding and resources that will be used in programs to benefit to special groups of the population with an identified need for assistance; in this instance, the group is women. This page explains what a grant is and why there are special federal grants for women.

What is a Federal Grant?

A federal grant is an award of monetary assistance provided to a company, university, research institution or non-profit organization to assist in running programs that are identified as a necessary public purpose. Grants are paid by a federal agency. Currently, there are 26 federal agencies that offer grant funding and over 1000 grant programs available each year. It should be noted that federal grants are not generally available to individuals and are not designed to provide financial assistance or loans. Unlike loans, grants usually do not need to be repaid.

Requirements for Obtaining a Grant

There are stringent requirements for obtaining grant funding, including the need to demonstrate how the program will benefit the target group, providing details of the financial performance of the organization applying for the grant,and providing details of previous services and benefits that have been provided by the organization. Once a grant has been approved, the organizations must also provide reports to show how the grant money has been spent and demonstrate the benefit that has actually been provided.

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All Grants are Different

Federal grants are available annually. There are different rules for the many different grants that are available; some can be applied for each year and others are granted on a once-off basis only. In order to apply for a federal grant for women, an organization will need to determine whether any suitable grants are available, and if so, determine whether it is eligible to apply for the grant. The organization would need to review the application guidelines and eligibility criteria for the specific grant in which it is interested.

What are Grants For?

Federal grants for women are designed to provide assistance to identified groups in need. For various reasons, women and women’s groups are in need of ongoing grant funding. Examples of areas that receive federal grants for women are programs aimed at improving education accessibility for women, programs aimed at helping women set up and run small businesses, and grants to help minority groups of women, such as ethnic groups and groups from a low socio-economic background.

Historically, women have had lower rates of participation in areas such as education and business ownership. Providing grant funding to programs designed to assist women in participating in these areas is beneficial to both the women receiving the benefit and society in general. The U.S. government offers a wide range of federal grants for women, both in America and in other parts of the world.

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